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PRESS RELEASE: Shepherd Color Announces New Blue Pigment

By JHenderson / April 19, 2022

Shepherd Color announces the launch of their new specialty Cobalt Aluminate Blue 20G599. This new red-shade blue has the highest red (a*) value and bluest (-b*) masstone values for the maximum chromaticity possible compared to other blue pigments when matching colors. With a large leap in color performance, Max Chroma Blue is a C.I. Pigment Blue 28 with world-wide registrations and a broad range of regulatory approvals.

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What is special about Bismuth Vanadate Yellow 30C133?

By JHenderson / March 22, 2022

Bismuth Vanadate Yellow 30C133, a bright, green-shade yellow, widely used in high-performance coatings and plastics.

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Shepherd Color Mentioned in March 2022 Compounding World

By JHenderson / March 14, 2022

In the March 2022 Edition edition of Compounding World, Jennifer Markarian, reports on some of the latest developments of special effect pigments and masterbatches.

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Shepherd Color honored as Corporate Partner of the Year for DePaul Cristo Rey

By JHenderson / March 11, 2022

The Shepherd Color Company was recently honored as the 2022 Corporate Partner of the Year at the DePaul Cristo Rey (DPCR) Leadership Breakfast.

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Shepherd Color Featured in January 2022 Coatings World

By JHenderson / February 3, 2022

In the January 2022 Edition edition of Coatings World, Kerry Pianoforte, interviewed leading pigment manufacturers regarding growth and performance of the pigments market in 2021 and in the future.

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How Shepherd Color Approaches Innovation

By JHenderson / January 18, 2022

In our short Innovation video, we discuss how successful product innovation involves a number of factors, with the most important being the people involved, the process, and the perception of color.

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The Shepherd Color Company’s Top News of 2021

By JHenderson / January 4, 2022

From opening a new office, introducing two new pigments, and launching a virtual showroom, we take a look back at Shepherd Color’s top news of 2021 amidst an ongoing pandemic.

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Shepherd Color Mentioned in Nov/Dec 2021 European Coatings Formulation

By JHenderson / November 2, 2021

In the November/December 2021 Edition of European Coatings Formulation, Shepherd Color is mentioned for its new IR reflective green pigment, Green 30C659.

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Shepherd Color Featured in September 2021 Compounding World

By JHenderson / September 16, 2021

In the September 2021 Edition of Compounding World, Jennifer Markarian reports on how pigment makers are producing brighter and more stable pigments that can withstand higher processing temperatures as well as meeting sustainability goals.

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WEBINAR: All About Arctic Infrared Reflective Pigments

By JHenderson / September 1, 2021

We are excited to announce our latest webinar is now LIVE in our Virtual Showroom! ‘All About Arctic Infrared Reflective Pigments‘ reviews the advantages of how Arctic IR Pigments can be used in many applications to help keep products cooler, delivering the best lifetime value because their performance delays or eliminates costly damage caused by…

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