The Shepherd Color Company

Code of Business Conduct

Last updated: October 3, 2023

Guided by our Core Purpose of Creating Value that Brightens Lives, The Shepherd Color Company is committed to operating under the following code of business conduct.

Our team members are entrusted to…

  • Respect the rights of all human beings.
  • Keep our colleagues across the globe safe and well.
  • Ensure all guests and contractors who visit us are safe and well.
  • Use fair hiring, employment, and labor practices.
  • Be good community members and respectful stewards of community resources.
  • Comply with all environmental, health, and safety regulations and laws.
  • Maintain and advance activities in support of our sustainability policies and commitments.
  • Conduct business in an open and honest way with all business partners.
  • Use environmental resources respectfully. Recycle, minimize, and properly dispose of waste.
  • Sustain high ethical and legal compliance standards in all aspects of business.
  • Obey all civil laws: do the right things and do them right.
  • Protect our assets, intellectual property, and brand image while treating the same of others with matching respect.
  • Safeguard confidential information and proprietary process details, whether internal, customer, or supplier information, and expect our partners to do the same.
  • Place a high level of attention to cybersecurity threats, and build effective countermeasures to protect the business.

We believe in these principles and apply them, to the best of our ability, in our daily work. In addition, we wish to do business with customers, suppliers, and contractors that align with them.

Based on our business history, we believe there is a mutual agreement between The Shepherd Color Co. and all our partners on the elements listed here. We expect to conduct future business founded in the spirit of these principles.