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Who says you can’t have dark color pigments with high TSR values?


Shepherd Color's Green 10C650 masstone meets this criteria and more

The Shepherd Color Company developed a dark colored pigment called Green 10C650, that excels in allowing color matchers to make dark green colors that have high total solar reflectance (TSR) and excellent weathering properties. Green 10C650 is part of our Arctic® Infrared Reflective Pigments, which absorb the visible infrared wavelengths, yet reflects the invisible infrared wavelengths, that contribute to solar induced heat build up (HBU).

Green 10C650 is compatible with a wide-range of resins and polymers for use in plastics and coatings, but what is the secret to its usefulness? Read more about Green 10C650.


Interested in more greens? Green 10G655 and Green 10G603 represent the cutting edge in new pigment development, addressing regulatory concerns that can come from around the world, and give customers multiple options depending on what is most important to them and the environment.