Creating beauty through color, without negatively impacting people or the planet.

Color should only brighten lives. That's why we find and eliminate negative impacts in all aspects of our production.

As a leading global producer of complex inorganic color pigments, The Shepherd Color Company understands our significant responsibility to create sustainable pigments and solutions for every application. While we are already committed to engineering the highest quality products in the industry, we realize the importance of creating sustainable pigments that protect the world around us.

As a global manufacturer of sustainable pigments, we are proud to create solutions that exceed expectations in every industry and application. We believe that color should only be used to Brighten Lives.
Just some of the ways we are committed to ongoing improvements to our sustainability efforts include:

  • Identifying and eliminating any negative impacts to the environment or society through our innovative and sustainable pigment solutions
  • Exploring new and innovative products to integrate into our processes that conserve natural resources and fuel
  • Engaging in practices that earn our sustainable pigments manufacturing company certifications from platforms around the globe

While we know that some of our efforts will take time, we are being proactive in creating sustainable pigments for the paints and coatings, plastics, concrete, glass and ceramic, and other markets.

We invite you to see the difference for yourself. Request a sample of our complex inorganic color pigments and see what our 90+ years of expertise have helped us create.

Our Sustainability Policies (.PDF)



Always Finding a Better Way

At Shepherd Color, we are committed to the highest levels of sustainability. We are proactive in exploring and integrating innovative processes that protect people and the environment, while reducing our carbon footprint.



Investing in the Right Processes

Protecting people and our planet requires focusing on proven paths to sustainability. At Shepherd Color, we are dedicated to efforts that back our commitment. Our diligent efforts have led to reducing our carbon footprint by 25% within a 15-year period and earning leading industry sustainable certifications.



We Brighten Lives

We believe that creating color should only enhance our environment. That’s why we pursue research and development practices that lead to innovative products that add value without negatively impacting our environment and people around the world.


"It goes back to one of the Shepherd family's core values that we're working for long-term impact. That forms a lot of the decisions that we make. You can say we were sustainable before sustainable was cool."

Mark Ryan
Marketing Manager

“We have a rather extensive and deliberating vetting process for all of our raw materials supply. We do business and partner with those companies that are recognized throughout the industry as legitimate sources.”

Chris Collesel
Purchasing Manager, The Shepherd Color Company