Beyond complex inorganic color pigments, Shepherd Color also offers specialty pigments with unique properties taking them beyond just their color.

We have invested and cultivated researchers that are the key to continually developing new technology and specialty pigments that can be used in various applications across markets and industries.

Our specialty pigments are aesthetically pleasing, sustainable, and feature the same high-quality results you’ve come to know and expect from Shepherd Color.

As a color pigment manufacturer and supplier, we are always searching for the newest and most innovative specialty pigments to provide our customers. From special effect pigments like our StarLight glass pigments to our YinMn blue pigment, there is a solution for every application.

Shepherd Color has spent 90+ years as a pigment supplier and manufacturer working to optimize pigments for many applications, creating numerous innovative products to help brighten lives. We will continue to provide specialty pigments and viable solutions to our clients, and we welcome feedback or questions from our customer base so that we can continue to grow our offerings.


Starlight, our special effect pigment, brings brilliant sparkle and shine to plastics, automotive, powder, and other coatings.


Leveraging our expertise to tailor pigment surface chemistry generates pigments that move within an electrical field, yielding the basis for electronic inks used in eReaders.


Shepherd Color's market-leading Laser Direct Structuring (LDS) additives enable smaller and faster electronic devices with extended range and performance.


Our beautiful Violet 11 is FDA compliant for use in cosmetics and is also used for tinting near white colors in coatings and plastics.

90+ years

Making color pigment since the 1930's


Specialized pigments for signal management to optimize near-IR performance


Industry leader in color specifications and color consistency


Chemists constantly experiment to optimize current and develop new, innovative products


Shepherd Technologies

A division of the Shepherd Color Company, develops and manufactures functional, high performance inorganic materials for the following industries:

  • Aerospace
  • Metallurgical
  • Electronics
  • Building & Construction

Notably, we supply the critical components to manufacture fuel proof sealants and high temperature engine components, as well as curing agents for insulated glass. Shepherd Technologies makes modern life possible.

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