Infrared reflective pigments deliver the best lifetime value

Arctic® Pigments can delay or eliminate costly
damage caused by sunlight.


Arctic® Pigments deliver the best lifetime value because their performance delays or eliminates costly damage caused by sunlight.

Less warping, twisting, fading and failure means big maintenance savings for any application.

Products that use Arctic Infrared Powder Pigments stay cooler, which means they are less prone to sun damage and enable more comfortable and sustainable environments.

Less fading, distortion and damage

Increase TSR

Improve product longevity

Materials colored with Arctic Pigments have aesthetically pleasing visual color but decrease the amount of energy they absorb by reflecting the invisible IR light back into the atmosphere.

Batch after batch, year after year, achieve consistent color in your process while increasing total solar reflectance (TSR) of your products.

Looking for the best reflective powder pigments? Using Arctic Pigments can stop costly maintenance or replacement, extending the life of your products.



Don’t take our word for it, see for yourself. The IR reflective colors in this lab demonstration visibly reduce warping and distortion.

Infrared Pigments Applications

While we develop all of our pigments with specific purposes in mind, it always astounds us how versatile our solutions end up being. And our Arctic Infrared Pigments are no different. These infrared reflective colors are visually appealing and functional. By reflecting invisible infrared light back into the atmosphere, they can decrease the amount of energy they absorb, helping them stay colorful year after year.

When it comes to the best reflective powders for applications that experience heavy wear and tear, you can’t go wrong with Arctic Pigments. See below for just a sampling of the applications that can benefit from our infrared pigments.

Still have questions? Reach out to us directly to learn more about our infrared reflective powders and how they can be used to improve your products.

By partnering with Shepherd Color, you can rest assured you’re getting innovative infrared reflective powders that are backed by 90+ years of experience. We work to continually earn new relationships and improve existing partnerships with customers across the globe by offering diverse solutions that meet or exceed industry standards. We aim to deliver world-class customer satisfaction in every interaction.


Powder Coatings


Masonry Coatings


Paint and Plastic Coatings




Automotive Coatings


Food Packaging


High Heat Coatings

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