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High-performance weathering powder coating colours

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Weathering of Complex Inorganic Colour Pigments in Powder Coatings

In the previous article of our three-part series, we discussed the control of colour in powder coatings. In the last of the series, we discuss weathering variables for powder coatings.

Powder coatings are an environmentally friendly way to apply coatings to a wide range of substrates for a number of uses. One of the most demanding applications is for building materials in aggressive environments. All the variables that lead to degradation of coatings - heat, ultraviolet (UV) light, moisture, oxidation agents, and chemicals along with simple physical abuse - are present. For these applications, the highest performance components have to be used, if specifications such as those prescribed by American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) 2605 are to be met. Part of the equation is the resin used while the other is the colorant.

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