Glass and Ceramics

Shepherd Color’s inorganic pigments can be found in glass enamels and ceramics due to their high temperature and thermal cycle stability, resulting in color durability and controlled thermal expansion. As a glass and ceramic pigment supplier, we offer inorganic glass pigments for major applications including automotive windshields and architectural glass, where opacity and thermal stability are key elements to a performing product.


The pigments opacity and heat stability make them ideal for complex glass processing and applications.


Windshields use Shepherd
Color’s black pigment


Innovative products patented around the world


Over two million data points in our weathering database from over 40 years of weather studies


Tech Support capabilities available to compliment in-house laboratories of our partners


Glass Pigments

Our pigments can be found in glass enamels for architectural glass, bottles, and many appliances.

Why choose us as your glass and ceramic pigments supplier? We go above and beyond to offer glass pigments that exceed customer expectations and that provide durability for almost any application. The glass enamel, which is a paint or ink, is applied to glass substrates, providing an inseparable bond between the color and glass.

As a ceramic pigment supplier, we understand the importance of our customers in finding the right glass pigments to use on their products. From bottle and beverage suppliers to automotive manufacturers, we do our best to provide a product that is durable, affordable, and most importantly, color-rich. The leading technology used in our inorganic glass pigments provides the greatest overall toughness, which will not scratch, peel, or fade, providing long-lasting beauty for every application.

The technology we use as a ceramic pigment supplier also improves sustainability by allowing reuse of drink containers. The next time you flip open a cold beverage, look at the printing on the glass bottle, that could be our pigment you see.

Why choose Shepherd Color? For over 90 years, we have been the trusted glass and ceramic pigment supplier for brands around the world. Our diverse customer base has challenged us to create inorganic color pigments that are versatile and intentionally designed to serve a wide variety of applications. We know the performance of your finished product is critical, so we pride ourselves on offering pigment powders that exceed expectations.

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