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Say Goodbye to the Moody Blues, and Hello to Shepherd's High Performance Blues

One of the primary colors, lying between violet and green, is the beautiful Blue hue. From the sky to the deep blue sea, to a shiny sapphire, blue is the color of trust, excellence, and performance in business. Blue can also be associated to sadness, as everyone has felt a little blue at times. This color can also be perceived as calm and cooling, a lot like Shepherd Color's Arctic pigments.

The Shepherd Color Company's roots originate in the 1920s in the ceramic industry, where we supplied colors for porcelain enamels. It's no surprise that Blue has been one of our first inorganic color pigments. We are celebrating our Blue pigment line over the next month, learn more here and check back each week for details on our Blues.

To request a sample of our pigments, visit our Find Colors page.