Make your products stand out from the crowd with our glass flake pigments

Silver coated glass flakes create unsurpassed sparkle and brilliance to create dramatic effects.

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StarLight® is a special effect pigment based on MicroMirror® Technology, a silver coating on a glass substrate, using a novel manufacturing process.

The perfectly flat and uniform glass flake pigment substrate maximizes directional reflection so each particle acts like a mirror and provides a dramatic appearance.

StarLight pigments have a brilliant sparkle and shine, maximum light reflectivity, are resistant to tarnish, and can be used in many applications.

Provides brilliant sparkle and shine

Maximum light reflectivity

Resistant to tarnish

One-of-a-kind appearances and stylings can be created with these pigments in conjunction with colored pigments, to enhance every possible application.

The perfectly flat glass flake substrate maximizes reflection and provides a solid base for the metallic appearance.

The metallic silver coating is passivated to prevent it from tarnishing when exposed to water or weathering.


StarLight® glass flake pigments will sparkle and surpass the brilliance and luster of other effect pigments currently available.


The perfectly flat, uniform glass flake pigment substrate maximizes reflection and provides a solid base for optimum metallic appearance and the MicroMirror® effect.



Aerospace Coatings


Automotive Coatings


Industrial Liquid Coatings


Powder Coatings




Electronic Coatings



At Shepherd Color, we pride ourselves on developing inorganic color pigments to suit almost any application. Our StarLight glass flake pigments are no different. These reflective and metallic substrates are uniquely designed to add sophistication to any application. We have found our clients are looking for glass flake pigments for more than just aesthetic purposes. Many of our clients trust our glass flake pigments for their improved performance characteristics like corrosion resistance, barrier effects, and thermal durability. Our StarLight glass flake pigments are ideal for automotive manufacturers looking for a durable and beautiful coating for cars, cellphones, beer bottles, and more.

We are proud to have clients worldwide who challenge what we already know about inorganic color pigments and push us to create innovative solutions that span markets and industries. Our highly-engineered StarLight substrates are the perfect example of our ingenuity.

At Shepherd Color, we don’t settle for less than perfection. We continue to invest our time, energy and resources into cultivating new technology to help grow our brand, our expertise, and most importantly, our customers’ trust. See all of the applications below for our StarLight glass flake pigments, and reach out to our team with any specific questions you may have.

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