It’s Halloween – Celebrating Arctic IR Blacks and RTZ Orange

Halloween Pumpkin isolated on white background

Is that Cauldron Black or IR Black? Is that Pumpkin Orange or RTZ Orange?

The days shorten and nights lengthen, leaves tumble, and temperatures dip for most of us. The allure of Halloween and tales of things that go bump in the night rival our craving for pumpkin spice lattes. Shepherd Color delves into this seasonal spirit by examining the hyperspectral properties of two timely products: Arctic® IR Blacks and RTZ Orange pigments.

The fear of nighttime often arises from our inability to discern the hidden workings in the dark. Similarly, while approximately half of the sun’s energy resides in the visible wavelengths, the other half exists in the invisible infrared spectrum. Arctic IR reflective pigments work in these hyperspectral realms by reflecting light instead of absorbing it. Such characteristics are beneficial in diminishing solar-induced heating in building materials, offering self-driving cars invisible markings, and enhancing the sort ability and recyclability of plastics. Shepherd Color offers an extensive variety of Arctic IR Black pigments, from deep black masstone products to those with high tint strength. Key products are Black 10G996, Black 10P950, and Black 10F925 which has an FDA FCN to improve recyclability of black food packaging. The Dynamix easily-dispersed Black 30C940 and 30C941 make incorporating IR Black technology into coatings fast and easy.



When it comes to Halloween staples—be it candy corn, costumes, or decorations—orange is the quintessential complement to black. Shepherd Color’s RTZ Orange pigments eliminate the challenges of color matching within the yellow spectrum. Though RTZ Orange pigments were conceived in the previous century and only commercialized in the current one, they lacked optimal performance until Shepherd Color introduced enhanced versions. Through meticulous research into pigment chemistry, we crafted a superior variant boasting richer red tones, excellent heat stability, and remarkable weather resistance. While orange is a captivating hue, the real magic of RTZ Orange pigments lies in seamlessly introducing red tones to high-chromaticity color blends. The key RTZ Orange products are Orange 10P340 for plastics and Orange 30C342 which is the Dynamix easily-dispersed version for coatings.


In harmony, the Arctic IR Blacks and RTZ Orange pigments stand as formidable barriers, guarding against potential pitfalls that might compromise the integrity of your paint or plastic.

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