State of the High Performance Pigments Market in the Wake of COVID

yellow and orange pigment

(Excerpt from Compounding World August 2020 Issue) The market for high-performance pigments (HPP) faced a challenging year. In addition to slower demand in the automotive market and raw material issues, the HPP market was impacted in early 2020 by the COVID-19 pandemic.

"High-performance pigments grew in all chemistries around the globe," added Mark Ryan, marketing manager, The Shepherd Color Company. "Functionality for applications like IR sorting of recyclables found cutting edge uses for CICPs. The improved RTZ Orange products and all-new NTP Yellow continued to see large year-on-year gains. Interestingly, the unique NTP Yellow sales were driven by the easily-dispersed Dynamix product known as Yellow 30C152. We see this 'stacking' of technology - a chromatic, durable, and opaque patented pigment chemistry with Shepherd's unique Dynamix easily-dispersed modification as the future of HPPs."

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