Just stir in Dynamix! Achieve 100% Pure Color Dispersions with Dynamix!

Get Pure Profitability, Pure Convenience, and Pure Consistency with Dynamix Stir-in Pigments! Typical applications include coil coatings, powder coatings, waterborne & solventborne coatings, and silicate & masonry coatings. Everyone benefits from Dynamix®!

From the CEO to the Plant Manager, from the Technical Manager to the Chemist, there is something to be gained by all.

Benefits include:

• Reduce total costs by over 20%
• Shorten dispersion cycle times from days to minutes
• Slash energy costs by more than 90%
• Make the same color every time
• Batch size, from the lab to plant, yields the same results
• Move production to any location in the world
• Speed up development time
• Can be added at any stage
• Stronger tint strengths & improved paint properties
• Reduce waste and cleanup

For more information see our new website www.dynamixpigments.com