Shepherd Color Featured in February 2021 CoatingsTech Article

In the February 2021 Edition of CoatingsTech, ‘The Intertwining of Color Selection and Pigment Technology Development’ article, features Mark Ryan, Marketing Manager of The Shepherd Color Company, as he discusses the cost, functionality, and properties of pigments as they relate to the overall creation and performance of pigments. Written by Cynthia Challener, Contributing Writer to CoatingsTech, the article details the dynamic process on how colors are selected for certain applications, from trends to production standards, all the way to customer specifications.

Read the entire article here, and find your Shepherd Color by visiting our 3D color chart.


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High-performance weathering powder coating colours – Shepherd Color

Shepherd Color Recognized by National Geographic in December 2020 Issue – Shepherd Color

High-performance weathering powder coating colours

Weathering of Complex Inorganic Colour Pigments in Powder Coatings

In the previous article of our three-part series, we discussed the control of colour in powder coatings. In the last of the series, we discuss weathering variables for powder coatings.

Powder coatings are an environmentally friendly way to apply coatings to a wide range of substrates for a number of uses. One of the most demanding applications is for building materials in aggressive environments. All the variables that lead to degradation of coatings – heat, ultraviolet (UV) light, moisture, oxidation agents, and chemicals along with simple physical abuse – are present. For these applications, the highest performance components have to be used, if specifications such as those prescribed by American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) 2605 are to be met. Part of the equation is the resin used while the other is the colorant.

Read the entire article by Mark Ryan in the December edition of Polymers Paint Colour Journal here and read Article 1 and 2 via the links below.

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Controlling colour with high-performance inorganic pigments

Dispersion of Complex Inorganic Colour Pigments in Powder Coatings

In the previous article of our three-part series, the general properties of high-performance pigments, complex inorganic color pigments (CICPs), were discussed. This article touches on controlling the colour in powder coatings using the dispersion properties of CICPs. These high-performance pigments give controllable colour because the relatively higher use-rates as compared to organic pigments allow more advantageous mixing ratios. This can be demonstrated in the tinting of near white colours. Stability is beneficial if the powder coating needs to be re-extruded to correct for other colourants performance.

Read the entire article by Mark Ryan in the August edition of Polymers Paint Colour Journal here and be on the look-out for the next article later this year.

Read Article 1 of this 3-part series: High-performance colour pigments for powder coatings

State of the High Performance Pigments Market in the Wake of COVID

(Excerpt from Compounding World August 2020 Issue) The market for high-performance pigments (HPP) faced a challenging year. In addition to slower demand in the automotive market and raw material issues, the HPP market was impacted in early 2020 by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“High-performance pigments grew in all chemistries around the globe,” added Mark Ryan, marketing manager, The Shepherd Color Company. “Functionality for applications like IR sorting of recyclables found cutting edge uses for CICPs. The improved RTZ Orange products and all-new NTP Yellow continued to see large year-on-year gains. Interestingly, the unique NTP Yellow sales were driven by the easily-dispersed Dynamix product known as Yellow 30C152. We see this ‘stacking’ of technology – a chromatic, durable, and opaque patented pigment chemistry with Shepherd’s unique Dynamix easily-dispersed modification as the future of HPPs.”

To read the entire article by Kerry Pianoforte, Editor for Compounding World, click here.

PRESS RELEASE: The Shepherd Color Company Announces Full Approval of YInMn Blue

(CINCINNATI, OH, May 28, 2020) The Shepherd Color Company is proud to announce that the innovative pigment known as “YInMn Blue” has been added to the U.S. EPA TSCA registry. This means that the YInMn blue is now fully approved for use in commercial applications, including artist color materials.

Besides the long-anticipated availability for use in artist materials because of its color, YInMn Blue is valued for its unique balance of durability and IR reflectivity. Commercially known as Blue 10G513, YInMn has been available for industrial use under a Low Volume Exemption (LVE) since 2017. High-performance coatings and engineering plastics companies have been impressed with its visual opacity and color and the near-infrared reflective properties. This balance of visual aesthetics and infrared functionality gives it unique properties that allow building products to have deep, rich blue colors and that stay cooler when exposed to the sun. Blue 10G513 also has exhibited excellent weathering properties.

Shepherd Color has partnered with companies around the world to make YInMn Blue available in a wide range of artist materials. Please visit our website for a complete list of these providers.

The YInMn Blue pigment chemistry was discovered serendipitously at Oregon State University and licensed to The Shepherd Color Company for commercial sales. Named after the chemical constituents of Yttrium, Indium, and Manganese in a trigonal bipyramidal structure, the YInMn Blue represents how new and exciting chemicals are being discovered.

Launching new and interesting pigment technologies to the market shows Shepherd Color’s technical expertise, analytical capability, production competence, and global relationships with industries’ leading coatings and plastics companies along with living up to our Core Purpose of “Creating Value, Brightening Lives”. To learn more about YInMn Blue, visit



Founded in 1981, The Shepherd Color Company produces a wide range of high-performance Complex Inorganic Color Pigments (CICPs) used in a variety of industries. These pigments are an extraordinary class of inorganic pigments that offer stable, long-lasting color for many applications. They have unbeatable weatherability, heat and chemical resistance, are non-warping and easy to disperse. More Expertise. Better Performance. Best Value. That’s Shepherd Color.

High-performance colour pigments for powder coatings

Durable, Functional and Colourful

Complex Inorganic Colour Pigments (CICPs) provide interesting options for demanding applications for powder coatings. CICPs provide durable colour that can stand up to the most challenging and aggressive processing and applications. Recent advances have found that besides colour, these pigments have properties that give them the ability to address regulatory requirements and give not only colour, but functional properties.

Read the first article of our three-part series by Mark Ryan in the April edition of Polymers Paint Colour Journal here.

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Shine Bright Like a Diamond, with StarLight

They Say ‘Diamonds Are Forever’

Do your products shine bright like a diamond?

Diamonds, the most popular gemstone, are known to be beautiful, rare, and cherished. Often used to indicate a lifelong commitment between two people, diamonds in a ring are a symbol of love and friendship.

Holding onto this notion of forever, what if you could capture the sparkle of a diamond in your products? Shepherd Color’s StarLight® special effect pigments capture that sparkle, but keeps it alive. It gives bright sparkles to the surface that dance with the light.

Learn the key to the distinct and unique appearance of StarLight here.

Make Your Products Sparkle

Happy New Year from Shepherd Color! We are celebrating the New Year with our StarLight special effect pigments. StarLight will sparkle and surpass the brilliance and luster of other special effect pigments. One of a kind appearances and stylings can be created with these pigments in conjunction with colored pigments. Learn more here about StarLight!

It’s Not Easy Being Green

Happy Holidays! We are celebrating this time of year with our Green pigment line! These pigments are highly heat and chemical resistant and are compatible with solvent and waterborne coatings systems along with engineering plastics. They can be used in food packaging, automotive, building and architectural applications. Learn here about our Green pigments, and have a Merry Christmas!

Brown Pigments Are Among the Oldest Pigments Ever Created

Happy Thanksgiving! We are celebrating the holiday with our Brown pigment line: Brown 19FDA, 10P857, 30C888, and 10P850. These high-performance inorganic pigments have outstanding weathering properties, high opacity and chromaticity. They can be used in building, construction, automotive, and engineering applications. Click here to learn more about our Brown pigments!