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How Shepherd Color Drills Down Into the Layers of Sustainability

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Just a few decades ago, sustainability seemed to be a fairly straightforward concept. It was initially defined as the ability of biological systems to endure, and remain diverse and productive. Fast forward to today and the concept of sustainability has become increasingly complex. Sustainability can be achieved through numerous avenues, including protecting the environment, acting ethically toward people, and adopting sound economic practices.

Throughout its 100+ year history, The Shepherd Color Company has been naturally pursuing sustainability. It's an outcome of the company's goal to do what's right when it comes to people and the environment.

"It goes back to one of the Shepherd family's core values," said Mark Ryan, Marketing Manager. "We work for long term impact. It forms a lot of the decisions that we make." "Our products inherently have long life cycles," Ryan added. "When we bring out a new product, we are looking at it from multiple viewpoints, including regulatory and human safety, both from making it internally and its use in the field."

Learn the critical ways that Shepherd Color achieves sustainability as part of its manufacturing operations by downloading the rest of this article.