Choose StarLight FL170 to add extra sparkle to your products!

Shepherd Color is excited to announce the launch of StarLight® FL170, the newest and brightest addition to its StarLight line of unique special effect pigments. The Shepherd Color Company launched its first StarLight product in May of 2003. Since then, StarLight has delivered brilliant sparkle and shine to numerous products such as food containers, auto parts, sporting equipment, and even fashion attire.

Starlight example uses

Example uses of StarLight

Using our MicroMirror® Technology the new StarLight FL170 brings a distinct, clear shimmer surpassing other options on the market. Like all StarLight products, FL170 brings maximum light reflectivity in an easy to disperse, tarnish-resistant format offering a distinct glitter to plastics, coatings, and other applications.

starlight fl170 chip

StarLight products owe their brilliance to a smooth glass substrate precisely coated with a bright, pure silver using our proprietary process yielding a durable, high-temperature and long-term light reflectivity to your product. The particle size of FL170 perfectly compliments the subtle sparkling undertone of FL37 and the dazzling speckle effect of FL500. Use FL170 for emphasizing contours or combine FL170 with other colors to create an eye-catching effect under changing illumination sources and applications.

Industry Uses

Alone or in combination with other pigments, use FL170 to create a genuinely distinct visual appeal. FL170 is robust enough for extrusion into plastics and powder coatings and easily disperses in coatings, inks, or plastics. It’s inert and compatible with almost all solvents, resins, and water-based systems. Perfect for industrial, retail, or commercial applications like, signage, refinish, laminates, or solid molded parts. FL170 and the StarLight products bring a signature visual appeal across various decorative applications.

starlight fl170 pile

StarLight FL170 pile

Change the loading of StarLight products in a clear application to scale the degree of shimmer and sparkle even up to a metallic luster. There is a StarLight product to tailor your application, perfect for accentuating textures, a subtle pop of light, or a blaze of silver metal.

Contact your local Shepherd Color representative for a sample of FL170 or to learn more about our StarLight MicroMirror special effect pigments.


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