The Shepherd Color Company Announces Their Newest Addition to the NTP Yellow Product Portfolio



(CINCINNATI, OH, April 18, 2019) Shepherd Color is excited to announce the newest addition to their NTP Yellow product portfolio, NTP Yellow 10G155. This new product brings the outstanding color, opacity, and durability that people have seen in NTP Yellow, but further expands the durable color envelope to new applications.

Paint and coatings chemists, formulators, and color matchers face many challenges and options for coloring in the yellow color space. A wide range of pigment chemistries are available with different levels of opacity, durability, chromaticity, and economics. These four properties are often antagonistic to each other, forcing a

compromise on two or more of these key properties. At the same time, historical pigments like lead chromate are facing increasing regulatory pressure and are being formulated out of products.

The yellow color space has a wide range of pigment options that have a balance of chromaticity, opacity and durability. The new NTP Yellow (PY227) brings bright chromatic color, high opacity, and excellent durability all at the same time. This has lead a plastics engineer to call it 'bullet-proof" colorant. To complement the NTP Yellow, improvements of the RTZ Orange (PY216) yield a true orange color unto itself, but also allows the addition of "a* value" or redness to color matches without compromising weathering or heat stability.

Color matches that used to depend on blends of organic and inorganic pigments can now be matched with all inorganic pigments for the ultimate in durability and a true expansion of the durable color envelope.

The NTP Yellow and RTZ Orange are compatible with a wide range of polymers in coatings and plastics for use in a wide range of applications, such as:

  • Pre-painted coil and extrusion
  • Engineering polymers
  • Laminates and co-extrusions
  • Powder coatings
  • Architectural and façade coatings

Shepherd Color's newest addition to their NTP Yellow product portfolio, NTP Yellow 10G155, brings the outstanding color, opacity, and durability that people have seen in NTP Yellow, but in a color shade closer to red-shade bismuth vanadate (PY184) pigments. It has higher heat stability and excellent weathering properties. Other key features of Yellow 10G155 include: inertness to acids, bases, solvent and UV, no chromium or lead in the formulation, halogen-free, and non-warping in polyolefins.

To learn more about NTP Yellow 10G155 or request a sample, please use the following form and a representative will be in touch with you.

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