NTP Yellow Pigments for Paints & Coatings Applications


Looking for a lead chromate yellow replacement?

Lead chromate yellow (PY34) was a workhorse pigment until regulatory pressure and supply issues reduced its use.  When it comes to replacing lead chromate yellow, there was a compromise between the chromaticity of the organic pigment and the opacity and durability of the inorganic pigments.  Shepherd Color’s NTP Yellow is a high-performance replacement for lead chromate with a unique combination of chromaticity, opacity, and durability all in one pigment.  A customer called it ‘bullet-proof’ due to its heat stability when used in engineering plastics. In high performance coatings, the opacity and low oil absorption mean that it can be used in thin coatings and provide coatings that organic or organic/inorganic pigment blends cannot match. Many chromatic matches can be achieved without the need of organics. This includes chromatic RAL shades like Signal Yellow 1003 and Traffic Yellow 1023. The outstanding weathering compared to organic alternatives allow chromatic color matches that comply with the most demanding qualifications like AAMA 2605, Qualicoat Class 3 other long-term weathering requirements.

NTP (Niobium Tin Pyrochlore) Yellow, known as PY227, is a 21st century pigment patented and developed into a commercial color pigment by The Shepherd Color Company specifically to replace lead chromate yellow.  NTP Yellow 10P150 provides coatings and plastics users with excellent opacity, chromatic color, with high durability and heat-stability.  It can be used in a wide range of different resins.  The Dynamix® NTP Yellow 30C152 is an easily-dispersed version that removes the need for small-media milling in coatings which reduces the chances of contamination of this bright, chromatic color during processing.  Our NTP-class Yellow 10G155 is a hybrid pigment with improved economics for slightly less chromaticity, but all the opacity, durability, and heat stability found in the original products.

NTP Yellows are compatible with a wide range of polymers in coatings and plastics for use in a wide range of applications, such as: 

  • Pre-painted coil and extrusion 
  • Engineering polymers 
  • Laminates and co-extrusions 
  • Powder coatings 
  • Architectural and façade coatings 

 If you are looking for a high-performance replacement for lead chromate yellow, Shepherd Color has an NTP Yellow pigment for you, contact us to learn more. 


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