yellow pigment

The Shepherd Color Company’s Top News of 2021

By JHenderson / January 4, 2022

From opening a new office, introducing two new pigments, and launching a virtual showroom, we take a look back at Shepherd Color’s top news of 2021 amidst an ongoing pandemic.

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Shepherd’s Yellow Pigments – Chromatic Masstones and Bright Pastel Shades

By JHenderson / April 9, 2020

Many associate the color yellow with happiness, harmony, and humor. These can also represent the environment around you, a sunset, daffodils, tulips, canaries, lemons, autumn leaves, just to name a few. Maybe for you, it signifies branding of your favorite restaurant or store.

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Article: Recent Advances in the Yellow Color Space

By JHenderson / January 31, 2019

Paint and coatings chemists, formulators, and color matchers face many challenges and options for coloring in the yellow color space. A wide range of pigment chemistries are available with different levels of opacity, durability, chromaticity, and economics. Learn about two recent advances in this critical color space from our very own Mark Ryan.

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Webinar: Innovation in Yellow and Orange Pigments

By JHenderson / December 5, 2018

Pushing the Edge of the Durable Color Envelope Webinar Presented by Mark Ryan, Marketing Manager with The Shepherd Color Company Recorded on October 18, 2018 Pushing the edge of the durable color envelope comes down to giving chemists and formulators the pigments that are chromatic, opaque and durable. These three properties perhaps are hardest to…

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