NTP Yellow

What is special about Bismuth Vanadate Yellow 30C133?

By JHenderson / March 22, 2022

Bismuth Vanadate Yellow 30C133, a bright, green-shade yellow, widely used in high-performance coatings and plastics.

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Shepherd Color Innovation and Inorganic Color Pigments

By JHenderson / January 26, 2022

Watch our educational video describing how Shepherd Color views innovation and how it pertains to inorganic color pigments.

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Shepherd Color Recognized by National Geographic in December 2020 Issue

By JHenderson / December 16, 2020

Shepherd Color has been recognized by National Geographic in their December issue for our innovation in inorganic color pigments. Specifically noted is NTP Yellow and RTZ Orange pigments, great non-toxic replacements for lead chromate pigments, as well as YInMn Blue.

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yellow and orange pigment

State of the High Performance Pigments Market in the Wake of COVID

By JHenderson / August 7, 2020

The market for high-performance pigments (HPP) faced a challenging year. In addition to slower demand in the automotive market and raw material issues, the HPP market was impacted in early 2020 by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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High-performance colour pigments for powder coatings

By JHenderson / April 20, 2020

Durable, Functional and Colourful Complex Inorganic Colour Pigments (CICPs) provide interesting options for demanding applications for powder coatings. CICPs provide durable colour that can stand up to the most challenging and aggressive processing and applications. Recent advances have found that besides colour, these pigments have properties that give them the ability to address regulatory requirements…

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Shepherd’s Yellow Pigments – Chromatic Masstones and Bright Pastel Shades

By JHenderson / April 9, 2020

Many associate the color yellow with happiness, harmony, and humor. These can also represent the environment around you, a sunset, daffodils, tulips, canaries, lemons, autumn leaves, just to name a few. Maybe for you, it signifies branding of your favorite restaurant or store.

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How Shepherd Color challenges the chemistry of pigments to address regulatory pressures

By JHenderson / September 13, 2019

(Excerpt from Compounding World September 2019 Issue) Pigment chemistries continue to come under regulatory pressure, based on their chemical composition and physical forms as well as challenges from non-governmental organisations. “We continue to push the edge of currently used chemistry to find new pigments that address new regulatory pressures,” says Mark Ryan, Marketing Manager at…

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WEBINAR AVAILABLE: Ultra-High Performance Yellow and Orange Pigments

By JHenderson / May 6, 2019

The yellow color space has a wide range of pigment options that have a balance of chromaticity, opacity and durability. The new NTP Yellow (PY227) brings bright chromatic color, high opacity, and excellent durability all at the same time. Come see what this new pigment can do for you!

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PRESS RELEASE: The Shepherd Color Company Announces Their Newest Addition to the NTP Yellow Product Portfolio

By JHenderson / April 18, 2019

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (CINCINNATI, OH, April 18, 2019) Shepherd Color is excited to announce the newest addition to their NTP Yellow product portfolio, NTP Yellow 10G155. This new product brings the outstanding color, opacity, and durability that people have seen in NTP Yellow, but further expands the durable color envelope to new applications. Paint and…

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Article: Recent Advances in the Yellow Color Space

By JHenderson / January 31, 2019

Paint and coatings chemists, formulators, and color matchers face many challenges and options for coloring in the yellow color space. A wide range of pigment chemistries are available with different levels of opacity, durability, chromaticity, and economics. Learn about two recent advances in this critical color space from our very own Mark Ryan.

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