Shepherd Color’s Latest Pigment Blue 20G599

Example of Blue 20G599 color on metal roof
Example of Blue 20G599 color on metal roof

Shepherd Color’s Blue 20G599 Featured in September Edition of Compounding World

Shepherd Color was featured in the September Edition of Compounding World in the article titled “Pigment makers tune in to sustainability needs” written by Jennifer Markarian. Product of focus is Blue 20G599, is redder than comparable products, is more chromatic masstone color, and has high temperature stability.

A short excerpt from the article is noted below. Read the entire article here.

Developers of colour pigments are developing products for ever demanding performance needs while also addressing the specific sustainability goals of customers.

Pigment suppliers are demonstrating they are tuned in to the needs of the plastics colouring market, offering colorants for biodegradable and compostable plastics as well as high-performing options that can enhance the lifetimes of durable plastics and meet requirements in growing markets such as electric vehicles. 

The latest pigment introduction from Shepherd Color is cobalt aluminate Blue 20G599, a super red-shade blue with what the company describes as the highest red (a*) value and bluest (-b*) masstone values. According to the company this allows it to provide the maximum chromaticity possible compared to other durable blue pigments when matching colours.

The company says the colour “pushes the edge of the durable colour envelope” due to its high temperature stability and overall inertness. While it is based on its standard cobalt aluminate Pigment Blue 28 chemistry, the new pigment is said to be optimised to attain colour values that this chemistry has not reached before. However, because it is based on the established chemistry of the CI Pigment Blue 28 family, it retains a broad range of regulatory approvals and world-wide registrations including compliance for use in FDA food packaging.

The new blue complements the company’s “YInMn” Blue 10G513 pigment, which has lower overall chromaticity than Blue 20G599 but higher opacity and IR reflectance, according to Mark Ryan, Market and Product Manager at Shepherd Color.

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