New FDA Blue 10F545

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We are pleased to announce the introduction of a new high performance, FDA approved pigment, Blue 10F545. It is approved for indirect food contact use by the US FDA (Food & Drug Administration) under Food Contact Notification (FCN) 000938. The approval covers the intended use in all polymers, at a maximum loading of 5 % by weight. It also meets numerous other regulatory requirements such as AP 89.1, AS 2070, BfR, China GB9685-2008, CONEG, EN 71.3, French Positive List, RoHS, TCLP, WEEE and ELV.

Blue 10F545 is the only C. I. Pigment Blue 36 approved by the US FDA. Also known as a complex inorganic color pigment (CICP), ceramic pigment, or mineral pigment, it and other similar colorants excel where stable color is needed. It has excellent lightfastness and can be used in extreme applications - those high in UV exposure, in high heat systems, and those in contact with harsh chemical environments. Blue 10F545 is insoluble in virtually all solvents and resins and will not bleed or migrate.

Deep blue-green in color, sky blue in a white let-down, Blue 10F545 has good hiding power, opacity, and tinting strength. It is a strong absorber of UV radiation but not degraded by UV and therefore resistance to weather and light are good. It has excellent heat stability (> 800 ْC or 1,800 ْF). Blue 10F545 can be used in a variety of applications needing exceptional color durability such as engineering plastics, high durability coatings, cookware coatings, swimming pools, and ceramics.