Shepherd Color Featured in June Edition of Coatings World

Shepherd Color was featured in the June Edition of Coatings World article titled “High-Performance and Special Effect Pigments” by David Savastano, Contributing Editor. A short excerpt from the article is noted below. Read the entire article here.

High-performance and special effect pigments bring special properties to the products they are used in. Whether it is better performance in architectural or industrial coatings or optical effects for the automotive market, these coatings are prized for their qualities.

Nikhil Pampatwar, head – research & consulting at Verified Market Research (VMR), reported that the paint and coatings are the primary applications for high-performance and special effect pigments, with smaller portions going to inks, cosmetics, and textiles.

“According to a recent Smithers study, a pivotal year is ahead for the market for inorganic, organic, and special-effect high-performance pigments, including pearlescent and metallic compounds,” said Pampatwar. “Moreover, according to the study that Smithers released in 2022 in the future of high-performance pigments through 2027, global consumption will rise to 241,344 tons and be worth an estimated USD $7.33 billion.”

Pampatwar noted that high-performance and special effects pigments are widely used in the coatings industry due to their unique characteristics and aesthetic benefits.

Mark Ryan, marketing manager at Shepherd Color, noted that Shepherd Color specializes in Complex Inorganic Color Pigments (CICPs) that due to their high-temperature calcination step are highly inert to conditions that would destroy even high-performance organic pigments. Shepherd Color’s CICPs have high opacity, excellent gloss, and stable dispersion properties. “Building product materials in general require the extreme durability of Shepherd Color’s CICPs. Coil and extrusion coatings are a major use because of the IR reflective properties and potential for energy savings and other benefits,” Ryan added. “We see a lot of interest in high-durability powder-coatings that can meet stringent weathering requirements like AAMA 2605.”

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Founded in 1981, The Shepherd Color Company produces a wide range of high-performance Complex Inorganic Color Pigments (CICPs) used in a variety of industries. These high-performance pigments are an extraordinary class of inorganic pigments that offer stable, long-lasting color for many applications. They have unbeatable weatherability, heat and chemical resistance, are non-warping and easy to disperse. More Expertise. Better Performance. Best Value. That’s Shepherd Color. We brighten lives.