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Beauty Is Beyond The Eye Of The Beholder…

The YInMn (Yttrium, Indium and Manganese) Blue was developed out of research in the labs of Oregon State University’s chemist Mas Subramanian for inorganic materials with electronics applications properties. 1 A graduate student, and former Shepherd Color R&D chemist, Andrew Smith, noticed that one of the compositions produced a vibrant blue color, but not the expected electronic […]

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Real World Application of YInMn Blue

The recent blog post Beauty is Beyond the Eye of the Beholder used data to show the advantage of making dark blue colors that have improved IR reflectance. This blog post looks at the real world application of that technology. Cool Roofs1 are one way to reduce the energy needed to air condition buildings. One of the hardest […]

Black 10C912 is also a new CI Pigment Brown 29 for use in the coatings industry.

It has a mean particle size of 1.6 microns and a TRS of 25%. Black 10C912 has a bluer masstone versus other IR-reflecting pigments. High IR reflectance enables colored materials, even dark colors, to stay cool. This new black also meets numerous regulations.

Shepherd Color introduces Dynamix Black 30C941, a CI Pigment Brown 29 with a 29% Total Solar Reflectance.

It is also part of the Arctic range for coatings and can be used widely in color matches to maximize TSR. Black 30C941 has a mean particle size of 1.3 microns and is approved for various regulatory requirements. This is the ultimate blue-shade IR black for coatings. It has roughly the same color as 30C940 […]

Just stir in Dynamix! Achieve 100% Pure Color Dispersions with Dynamix!

Get Pure Profitability, Pure Convenience, and Pure Consistency with Dynamix Stir-in Pigments! Typical applications include coil coatings, powder coatings, waterborne & solventborne coatings, and silicate & masonry coatings. Everyone benefits from Dynamix®! From the CEO to the Plant Manager, from the Technical Manager to the Chemist, there is something to be gained by all. Benefits […]