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Dispersant Guide For Shepherd Pigments In Coatings

SUMMARY The selection of a dispersant package for a coating formulation is not a simple proposition and can require a substantial amount of laboratory work using experimental design to determine the optimal choice. The selection process needs to consider many factors including the following: is the coating solvent based or water based, if it is […]

Zeta Potential, Isoelectric Point, and Dispersion Stability

Introduction Technical publications about pigments and dispersions often make references to the terms “Zeta Potential” and “Isoelectric Point”. Some formulators may not be familiar with these concepts. This paper is intended to help explain what these terms mean and how they affect pigment dispersion stability in the simplest terms possible. It also will discuss the […]

Beauty Is Beyond The Eye Of The Beholder…

The YInMn (Yttrium, Indium and Manganese) Blue was developed out of research in the labs of Oregon State University’s chemist Mas Subramanian for inorganic materials with electronics applications properties. 1 A graduate student, and former Shepherd Color R&D chemist, Andrew Smith, noticed that one of the compositions produced a vibrant blue color, but not the expected electronic […]

Real World Application of YInMn Blue

The recent blog post Beauty is Beyond the Eye of the Beholder used data to show the advantage of making dark blue colors that have improved IR reflectance. This blog post looks at the real world application of that technology. Cool Roofs1 are one way to reduce the energy needed to air condition buildings. One of the hardest […]