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Yellow 30C133
CI Pigment Yellow 184

Yellow 30C133 is a C.I. Pigment Yellow 184 Bismuth Vanadate. It has a highly attractive greenish yellow shade with exceptional color strength. high gloss, and compatibility in waterborne systems. It is specially processed to make it easily-dispersible in solvent and water-borne liquid coatings. Ease of dispersion and particle size control make it suitable for extruded plastic for fibers and thin films. It is for use in a wide range of coatings and plastics applications where similar products are used.


Specific Gravity


Oil Absorption

20 kg/100 kg

Residue 325 mesh [44 µm]

0.01 wt%



Heat Stability

200 °C

Surface Area BET

13 m²/g


62 µS/cm

Percent Moisture

0.6 wt%


8 (1-8)

Acid Resistance

3 (1-5)

Alkali Resistance

3 (1-5)

Bulk Density

0.6 kg/L

Mean Particle Size

0.5 µm


65 %

Reflectance (300-2500nm)

Reflectance (visible only)