What do we mean by pure? You can think of a glass of water as being pure. You can think of standard color dispersions as homogenous solutions. They are liquid, they are free flowing.

Standard liquid color dispersions aren’t just colored pigment. They usually have solvents or water to make them flow. They have dispersion and stability additives to aid in manufacturing and shelf-life. Finally, they have some resin included to wet out the pigment and make the dispersion stable. All this adds up so that commercial dispersions are often only 60% pigment. All of these are beyond your control when you use standard commercial dispersions. Shepherd Color’s Dynamix dry powder colorants are 100% Pure Color.

No other additives or resins or solvents.


It gives you formulation freedom. The amount of commercial dispersion you can use in a formula is dictated by how those solvents, resins and additives will affect your final paint formula. Too much commercial color dispersion can cause performance issues with your paint or coating. Published reports in a Durability + Design article illustrate how the formulation of a dark color with commercial dispersions lead to reduced film properties because of all the extra resin brought along with the colored pigment. The color was such a dark, saturated color that it needed so much commercial color dispersion that it actually made the paint tacky and never fully cured.

With Dynamix you don’t have those compromises. That is critical for your high-performance coatings system applications. Dynamix 100% Pure Color means that you are not getting anything that will compromise the performance of your system. You get the same high-performance you have expected from standard Shepherd Color pigments – the heat stability, the weathering resistance, the color stability and wide regulatory approvals. Convenience without compromise.

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