Orange 10C321

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The Shepherd Color Company is adding a new color and new color space with the addition of Orange 10C321. The new product helps bridge the color space between conventional titanates like our Yellow 10P272 and lead and chrome based pigments. The new Orange 10C321 meets numerous regulations governing packaging, recycling and toys such as AP (89)1, EN 71.3, BfR, CONEG, RoHS, WEEE, ELV, and TCLP.

Orange 10C321 has a high solar reflectivity, so it is a powerful addition to our Arctic® Infrared Reflecting Color Pigments. It is preferentially used in coatings applications where low heat build-up and/or exceptional durability are required. Absorption of ambient solar IR radiation is a major factor in determining how hot a pigmented plastic will become in sunlight. High IR reflectance enables colored materials, even dark colors, to stay cool.

Orange 10C321 is C. I. Pigment Yellow 216 and chemically Tin Zinc Rutile. Complex inorganic color pigments (CICP), ceramic pigment, or mineral pigment excel at applications where stable color is needed in extreme environments - high UV exposure, high heat systems, and some chemical resistant formulations. Orange 10C321 is insoluble in virtually all solvents and resins and will not bleed or migrate. It has good lightfastness, in full tone and also when blended with TiO2. Orange 10C321 makes an excellent choice to blend with organic pigments to provide opacity without losing chroma as compared to adding TiO2.