Brown 30C888, Orange 30C342, and Yellow 30C236

Fall brings beautiful colors to our environment, reminding us of our many colorful pigments complimenting this time of year. Watch the video to learn more about Brown 30C888, Orange 30C342, and Yellow 30C236.

Pigments That Stand the Test of Time

As regulatory pressures increase and sustainability gains more and more attention, some of the older complex inorganic color pigment chemistries really show their usefulness. A range of aesthetically pleasing and naturally soothing brown to yellow pigments have been workhorses in coatings and plastics applications – because of their regulatory friendly position, performance, and inertness – […]


Who says you can’t have dark color pigments with high TSR values?

Shepherd Color’s Green 10C650 masstone meets this criteria and more The Shepherd Color Company developed a dark colored pigment called Green 10C650, that excels in allowing color matchers to make dark green colors that have high total solar reflectance (TSR) and excellent weathering properties. Green 10C650 is part of our Arctic® Infrared Reflective Pigments, which […]

ARTICLE: Pigments move beyond aesthetics

In the September issue of Compounding World, ‘Pigments move beyond aesthetics’ reviews the latest developments in pigments for plastics. Market demands go well beyond aesthetics, and provide answers to environmental questions. The trend to substitution of heavy metals, through the use of new inorganic and organic pigments, and the growing interest in pigments derived from […]

green coil coating

PRESS RELEASE: Using Technical Expertise to Meet Regulatory Challenges

When concerns were raised about specific forms of nickel in standard Cobalt Titanate, CI Pigment 50 (PG50) in the European Union (EU), Shepherd Color deployed their sizeable expertise in technical, analytical, and regulatory areas to find not one, but two high-performance pigment solutions.