Shepherd Color Mentioned in Nov/Dec 2021 European Coatings Formulation

In the November/December 2021 Edition of European Coatings Formulation, Shepherd Color is mentioned for its new IR reflective green pigment, Green 30C659.

Shepherd Color Featured in September 2021 Compounding World

In the September 2021 Edition of Compounding World, Jennifer Markarian reports on how pigment makers are producing brighter and more stable pigments that can withstand higher processing temperatures as well as meeting sustainability goals.

WEBINAR: All About Arctic Infrared Reflective Pigments

We are excited to announce our latest webinar is now LIVE in our Virtual Showroom! ‘All About Arctic Infrared Reflective Pigments‘ reviews the advantages of how Arctic IR Pigments can be used in many applications to help keep products cooler, delivering the best lifetime value because their performance delays or eliminates costly damage caused by […]

PRESS RELEASE: Shepherd Color Announces New IR Reflective Green Pigment

Shepherd Color announces the launch of their new specialty Chromium Oxide Green 30C659, widely used in high-performance color matches and has wide regulatory approvals and inclusion in chemical registries around the world. Common uses for Green 30C659 are high-performance coatings such as coil coating, extrusion spray, automotive, industrial, architectural, powder and other coatings.

Shepherd Color Featured in June 2021 Coatings World

In the June 2021 Edition of Coatings World, Kerry Pianoforte interviews some of the leading high performance and special effect pigment manufacturers, including our own Chris Manning, Commercial Director and Mark Ryan, Marketing Manager.