WEBINAR: All About Arctic Infrared Reflective Pigments


We are excited to announce our latest webinar is now LIVE in our Virtual Showroom! 'All About Arctic Infrared Reflective Pigments' reviews the advantages of how Arctic IR Pigments can be used in many applications to help keep products cooler, delivering the best lifetime value because their performance delays or eliminates costly damage caused by sunlight. We launched our Virtual Showroom in March with 'Ultra High Performance Yellow and Orange Pigments', introducing of our newest color in our easy-dispersing Dynamix® range, Bismuth Vanadate Yellow (30C133). Additionally in May we released our webinar on 'IR Pigment Technology for Improving Food Package Recycling'.

While browsing, try and find all the sounds we've hidden throughout the room.  Once you have found them, you can register to win a Shepherd Color prize! Before you leave, please take our survey by clicking on Frosty's portrait (our Arctic mascot) to tell us what topics you would like us to cover in future webinars.

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