New StarLight grades: FX 15 and FX25

The Shepherd Color Company is pleased to introduce two new special effect pigments in our StarLight® series; StarLight FX 15 and StarLight FX 25. The new pigments, made with Shepherd’s Micro-Mirror® technology, are beautifully reflective silver-coated glass flakes. Attributes of the new pigments include brilliant sparkle and glitter effects – especially in strong sunlight, resistant to tarnish, and easy to disperse.

With the average flake diameter near 15 microns for FX 15, and 25 microns for FX 25, these one-micron thick mirrors are exceptionally well suited for coatings applications. The FX pigments provide sparkle and flash effects at relatively low loadings (< 1 %) in non-opaque color base coats, or as additives in clear protective topcoats. They are compatible with most all resins and solvents.

While very useful in coatings, FX 15 and FX 25 can be successfully employed in most plastic systems. Their high heat stability (max 500°C) makes them particularly useful in the higher temperature engineering resins.

NEW NTP Yellow and RTZ Orange

Colored pigments for coatings and plastics have always been a compromise amidst a balance of durability, bright color and opacity. The Shepherd Color Company is proud to announce the development of a new pigment chemistry that breaks that compromise with excellent durability, high opacity and a bright clean yellow color. Niobium Tin Pyrochlore (NTP) Yellow is an innovative inorganic pigment that expands the envelope of durable color. It is a bridge between the high-chromaticity of organic pigments with the durability and opacity of inorganic pigments. The NTP Yellow is a new class of Complex Inorganic Colored Pigment (CICP) under the designation Pigment Yellow 227 and is covered by a number of patents around the world. The NTP Yellow 10P150 is specifically engineered for plastics applications while the NTP Yellow 10C151 is tailored for coatings and paints. The new pigment is gaining new regulatory approvals and chemical inventory listings almost daily. Please contact your local Shepherd Color representative for local market availability.

To compliment the NTP Yellow, Shepherd Color is also introducing an improvement of a current product line with a brand new offerings in our Rutile Tin Zinc (RTZ) Orange pigments. RTZ Orange 10P340 for plastics and RTZ Orange 10C341 for coatings offer increased redness, higher heat stability and excellent weathering when compared to current market offerings.

The NTP Yellow and RTZ Orange expand the durable color envelope that is available to color stylists, architects and designers for high-value systems where the highest performance is required. They also make excellent replacements for colors based on lead chromate pigments color space and provide paint chemists and formulators with high-performance environmentally friendly alternative colorants. For plastics, the pigments provide high-temperature stable bright colors for engineering polymers. The inherent stability makes them capable of standing up to the high pH of inorganic binder systems. Both RTZ and NTP are compatible with a wide range of binder systems and processing parameters.

Shepherd Color on Manufacturing Marvels

In June 2012, Shepherd Color was featured on the Fox News Business segment “Manufacturing Marvels.” These two minute videos showcase American manufacturers, their products, the company’s process and their customers. The video can be accessed on Shepherd’s Youtube channel.

Orange 10C321

The Shepherd Color Company is adding a new color and new color space with the addition of Orange 10C321. The new product helps bridge the color space between conventional titanates like our Yellow 10P272 and lead and chrome based pigments. The new Orange 10C321 meets numerous regulations governing packaging, recycling and toys such as AP (89)1, EN 71.3, BfR, CONEG, RoHS, WEEE, ELV, and TCLP.

Orange 10C321 has a high solar reflectivity, so it is a powerful addition to our Arctic® Infrared Reflecting Color Pigments. It is preferentially used in coatings applications where low heat build-up and/or exceptional durability are required. Absorption of ambient solar IR radiation is a major factor in determining how hot a pigmented plastic will become in sunlight. High IR reflectance enables colored materials, even dark colors, to stay cool.

Orange 10C321 is C. I. Pigment Yellow 216 and chemically Tin Zinc Rutile. Complex inorganic color pigments (CICP), ceramic pigment, or mineral pigment excel at applications where stable color is needed in extreme environments – high UV exposure, high heat systems, and some chemical resistant formulations. Orange 10C321 is insoluble in virtually all solvents and resins and will not bleed or migrate. It has good lightfastness, in full tone and also when blended with TiO2. Orange 10C321 makes an excellent choice to blend with organic pigments to provide opacity without losing chroma as compared to adding TiO2.

New FDA Blue 10F545

We are pleased to announce the introduction of a new high performance, FDA approved pigment, Blue 10F545. It is approved for indirect food contact use by the US FDA (Food & Drug Administration) under Food Contact Notification (FCN) 000938. The approval covers the intended use in all polymers, at a maximum loading of 5 % by weight. It also meets numerous other regulatory requirements such as AP 89.1, AS 2070, BfR, China GB9685-2008, CONEG, EN 71.3, French Positive List, RoHS, TCLP, WEEE and ELV.

Blue 10F545 is the only C. I. Pigment Blue 36 approved by the US FDA. Also known as a complex inorganic color pigment (CICP), ceramic pigment, or mineral pigment, it and other similar colorants excel where stable color is needed. It has excellent lightfastness and can be used in extreme applications – those high in UV exposure, in high heat systems, and those in contact with harsh chemical environments. Blue 10F545 is insoluble in virtually all solvents and resins and will not bleed or migrate.

Deep blue-green in color, sky blue in a white let-down, Blue 10F545 has good hiding power, opacity, and tinting strength. It is a strong absorber of UV radiation but not degraded by UV and therefore resistance to weather and light are good. It has excellent heat stability (> 800 ْC or 1,800 ْF). Blue 10F545 can be used in a variety of applications needing exceptional color durability such as engineering plastics, high durability coatings, cookware coatings, swimming pools, and ceramics.