Make Your Products Sparkle

By JHenderson / January 6, 2020

Happy New Year from Shepherd Color! We are celebrating the New Year with our StarLight special effect pigments. StarLight will sparkle and surpass the brilliance and luster of other special effect pigments. One of a kind appearances and stylings can be created with these pigments in conjunction with colored pigments. Learn more here about StarLight!

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green trees

It’s Not Easy Being Green

By JHenderson / December 17, 2019

Happy Holidays! We are celebrating this time of year with our Green pigment line! These pigments are highly heat and chemical resistant and are compatible with solvent and waterborne coatings systems along with engineering plastics. They can be used in food packaging, automotive, building and architectural applications. Learn here about our Green pigments, and have…

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Brown Pigments Are Among the Oldest Pigments Ever Created

By JHenderson / November 25, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving! We are celebrating the holiday with our Brown pigment line: Brown 19FDA, 10P857, 30C888, and 10P850. These high-performance inorganic pigments have outstanding weathering properties, high opacity and chromaticity. They can be used in building, construction, automotive, and engineering applications. Click here to learn more about our Brown pigments!

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Shepherd Color RTZ Orange Pigments, the Reddest Shades on the Market

By JHenderson / October 31, 2019

Happy Halloween! We are celebrating the holiday with the reddest-orange shades on the market: Orange 10P340, 10C341 and 30C342. These high-performance inorganic pigments have excellent opacity, chromaticity and because of their inherent stability and proven 5 year weathering, they can be used in building, construction, automotive, and engineering applications. Shepherd Color, pushing the edge of…

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Removing the Black Hole in Plastics Recycling

By JHenderson / September 23, 2019

Arctic® Infrared Reflective Pigments allow for a more sustainable solution to black plastic recycling THE PROBLEM One of the major benefits of plastics and a big part of its sustainability is that they can be recycled. This benefit is optimized when the recycle stream can be sorted by polymer type as seen in Graphic 1.…

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How Shepherd Color challenges the chemistry of pigments to address regulatory pressures

By JHenderson / September 13, 2019

(Excerpt from Compounding World September 2019 Issue) Pigment chemistries continue to come under regulatory pressure, based on their chemical composition and physical forms as well as challenges from non-governmental organisations. “We continue to push the edge of currently used chemistry to find new pigments that address new regulatory pressures,” says Mark Ryan, Marketing Manager at…

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PRESS RELEASE: The Shepherd Color Company is Rethinking Sustainability

By JHenderson / May 21, 2019

The sustainability initiative has gained global momentum in recent years, but The Shepherd Color Company has been implementing various forms of sustainable practices for decades.

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Website Update: YInMn and Sustainability Pages

By JHenderson / May 15, 2019

We are excited to launch our new Sustainability page on The Shepherd Color website. Visit to learn more about our processes that protect people and the environment, while reducing our carbon footprint. If you are looking for our YInMn page that describes our unique shade of blue for artist color materials and for building products…

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WEBINAR AVAILABLE: Ultra-High Performance Yellow and Orange Pigments

By JHenderson / May 6, 2019

The yellow color space has a wide range of pigment options that have a balance of chromaticity, opacity and durability. The new NTP Yellow (PY227) brings bright chromatic color, high opacity, and excellent durability all at the same time. Come see what this new pigment can do for you!

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PRESS RELEASE: The Shepherd Color Company Announces Their Newest Addition to the NTP Yellow Product Portfolio

By JHenderson / April 18, 2019

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (CINCINNATI, OH, April 18, 2019) Shepherd Color is excited to announce the newest addition to their NTP Yellow product portfolio, NTP Yellow 10G155. This new product brings the outstanding color, opacity, and durability that people have seen in NTP Yellow, but further expands the durable color envelope to new applications. Paint and…

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