Tuesday, June 30, 2009

More Than Just Black

In 1909, Henry Ford remarked that "Any customer can have a car painted any colour that he wants so long as it is black." Now in 2009, Shepherd Color turns that phrase on its head by offering plethora of black pigments, which while sharing the same color, have different properties and applications. From high-heat to cool IR reflecting, from FDA approved or used as a standard for decades in industry, for durability and special applications, Shepherd Color has the black pigment for you.

At the heart of Shepherd Color's black pigment offerings are CI Pigment Black 28 products that are the standard for a blue-shade, jet black with high durability and high heat (1500F) properties for use in plastics, coatings, ceramics and enamels. Black 430 is the optimal product for masstone jetness and tint strength for use in all systems. Black 30C965 is the Dynamix® easily-dispersed version for liquid systems that produces the ultimate in tint strength and easy of incorporation.

In Shepherd Color's CI Pigment Black 26 product line, we have the Black 444, Black 10C931 and Black 30C933. Each product is tailored to a specific purpose. Black 444 is the pigment of choice for high-heat (1000F) applications that need a deep, jet masstone and need to meet regulatory requirements for chrome-free formulations. Black 10C931 is the slightly less-jet product than Black 444, but is more economical. Black 30C933 is our Dynamix® easily-dispersed product for use in liquid systems where a high tint-strength, economical black pigment with good weathering is needed.

While to most people they may be the latest thing in the color black, Shepherd Color has been developing and marketing IR black pigments since the 1970s. While our offerings have evolved into products for specific needs, they all share similar absorbance in the visible for aesthetically pleasing, deep colors while reflecting in the IR for cool. A good place to start an IR reflective system is with our blue-shade, jet masstone Black 10P922 for plastics and Black 10C909A for liquid systems. Black 30C940 is our Dynamix® easily-dispersed version that is the ultimate IR Black for its ease of use. All three pigments are key to developing products that require 25% Total Solar Reflectance (TSR) values. If tints and lighter tones are required, Black 376A provides the highest tint strength of the IR blacks, with a lower TSR for its masstone. In addition to the blue-shade blacks, Black 411A provides higher TSR values, high tint strength and the warm tone needed for many building product colors. These black pigments are part of our Arctic® line of cool IR reflective pigments.

If the high temperature stability is needed beyond our other blacks pigments, our Black 10K927 (CI Pigment Black 27) is the way to go. Calcined in a kiln at over 2200F to lock in stability, in properly formulated coatings, ceramics and enamels it provides the ultimate in black pigments when the heat is on.

Of course, any discussion of our Black pigments would be incomplete without our latest offering, Black 20F944. Optimized for the deepest masstone black color and FDA approved for indirect food contact it provides the ultimate black for cookware and food handling applications.

Twelve products, six chemistries and one company that can provide them all. Besides the products listed here, we have venerable old favorites such as Black 1, which has been in continuous production since the 1920s. Please contact us about your specific application. Ford's "any colour... long as it is black" a century ago gives you many more options today when you use Shepherd Color.